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sPotential Showjumping Foals_MFP0994 2017-08-19 Roscommon Show - Horse Sport Ireland Potential Show Jumping Foals
(Contains 2 photos)
sReserve Champion Foal_MFP0960 2017-08-19 Roscommon Show - HorseSportIreland, Champion and Reserve Foals
(Contains 3 photos)
3rd Prizewinner Loose Jumping_MFP1154 2017-08-19 Roscommon Show - Prizewinners Mayo-Roscommon Breeders - Loose Jumping
(Contains 2 photos)
s1_CFAIC_MFP0722 2017-08-19 Roscommon Show - Qualified Ballinasloe Colt Foal
(Contains 1 photo)
s10_BFF ex ID_MFP0926 2017-08-19 Roscommon Show Best Filly Foal (excluding Irish Draught)
(Contains 3 photos)
s9_BCF ex ID_MFP0830 2017-08-19 Roscommon Show Best Colt Foal (Excluding Irish Draught
(Contains 33 photos)
s7_FFAIC_MFP0746 2017-08-19 Roscommon Show Filly Foal for All Ireland Championship at Moate Show
(Contains 4 photos)
s6_CFAIC_MFP1100 2017-08-19 Roscommon Show's ID Yearling Filly Championship
(Contains 18 photos)
s5_IDCF_MFP0702 2017-08-19 Roscommon Show Best ID Colt or Filly
(Contains 5 photos)
s4_BBMF_MFP0664 2017-08-19 Roscommon Show Breeders Brood Mare and Foal
(Contains 12 photos)
s3_MPLW_MFP0566 2017-08-19 Roscommon Show Best Mare to produce Lightweight Hunter
(Contains 25 photos)
s2_BMFFF_MFP0500 2017-08-19 Roscommon Show Best Mare in foal or with foal at foot
(Contains 22 photos)
s1_IDM_MFP0408 2017-08-19 Roscommon Show Irish Draught Mare
(Contains 30 photos)
s148_1m10_CPL_Xmolina_MFP7779 2017-07-29 Derryronane Stud's 148 1metre10 Connaught Pony League
(Contains 20 photos)
138_1m_CPL_Xmolina_MFP7752 2017-07-29 Ballyronane Stud's 138 1metre Connaught Pony League
(Contains 3 photos)
s128_90_CPLXmolina_MFP7720 2017-07-29 128 90 Derryronane Stud's Connaught Pony League
(Contains 28 photos)
sU10_CPL_Xmolina_MFP7615 2017-07-29 Under 10_Derryronane Stud's Connaught Pony League
(Contains 8 photos)
s_MFP6607 2017-07-02 Tubberbride Prizewinners
(Contains 35 photos)
s125_MFP6676 2017-07-02 Tubberbride -some photographs from the Eurohome 1.25m
(Contains 17 photos)
sGP_MFP6948 2017-07-02 Tubberbride, Sven Hadley Horse Transport Connaught Grand Prix Leg 6
(Contains 96 photos)
s6_DSCF5117 2017-06-18_Galway County_1m30 Speed
(Contains 49 photos)
s5_DSCF5011 2017-06-18_Galway County_6 year olds
(Contains 62 photos)
Devinish 6-year-old Final copy 2017-Galway County-2 composite pics of prizewinners 5/6 year olds
(Contains 2 photos)
s4_130 Speed_DSCF5348 2017-06-18 Galway County 1m30 Speed
(Contains 9 photos)
sGNGP_DSCF4492 2017-06-18 Galway County National Grand Prix Prizewinners
(Contains 6 photos)
sG130_DSCF4798 2017-06-17 Galway County 1m30 two Phase
(Contains 47 photos)
sNH_MFP3931 2017-05-28 Ballinasloe New Heights
(Contains 84 photos)
sRW_MFP2953 2017-05-20 sDuffy's for Photium
(Contains 72 photos)